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312BBO | Volvo B10BLE-60 Aabenraa M94 (1995)

(end. City-Trafik 229 -> Combus 5263 -> Connex 5263, OD97251, Taani -> Turun Citybus 232, YFR-696, Soome)

IMG_5062.JPG 312BBO_-_Volvo_B10BLE_Aabenraa_-_OU_Aleksandr_Reisid_-_TAK_15_07_2009.jpg 314BBO.jpg
Faili info
Faili nimi:312BBO_-_Volvo_B10BLE_Aabenraa_-_OU_Aleksandr_Reisid_-_TAK_15_07_2009.jpg
Albumi nimi:oxygen / OÜ Aleksandr Reisid
Faili maht:462 KiB
Lisamise aeg:juuli 15, 2009
Mõõtmed:900 x 598 px
Näidatud:1148 korda
Fookuskaugus:50 mm
Kaamera mudel:PENTAX K100D Super
Originaali aeg:2009:07:15 18:43:48
Säriaeg:1/180 sec
Lemmikud:Lisa lemmikutesse

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Ozzy   [juuli 18, 2009 kell 01:51 PM]
From one of The Turku- firms. I'll have to check from the locals which one. They have spared the original front sign and replaced it with a very old one from some scrapped bus Kurb
this was Turun Citybus # 232 YFR-696 . Also been in an accident-thus the old front sign.
#233 YFR-697 was also sold to Estonia at the same time.

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