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856BAE | Scania K113CLB Berkhof Excellence 3000 (1994)

(end. Lanting Reizen 36, BB-LJ-64, Holland -> TE-Matkat, NCZ-880, Soome)
(k/a: 11.2007)

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Faili info
Faili nimi:P2239503.JPG
Albumi nimi:XTA / Eltor OÜ
Faili maht:115 KiB
Lisamise aeg:veebr 25, 2009
Mõõtmed:900 x 675 px
Näidatud:973 korda
Fookuskaugus:6.3 mm
Kaamera mudel:C765UZ
Originaali aeg:2009:02:23 17:09:41
Säriaeg:1/80 sec
Lemmikud:Lisa lemmikutesse

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Albu   [veebr 26, 2009 kell 12:26 AM]
Paistab olema endine TE-matkat NCZ880, mis peaks mul endalgi aastaid tagasi Tallinnas marginäitena pildistatud olema...
Ozzy   [veebr 26, 2009 kell 12:47 AM]
Yes this one is just like Albu said- this TE Matkat from Kuopio is one of the firms which are badly influenced by the depression. They don't have any regular lines; Only a travel agency, and despite that they have had many buses- mostly imported second-hand fleet, but they operate in the eastern part of Finland, which is worstly struck by the economical difficulties. And today this firm was listed as one of the travel-agencies hanging on a tightrope- anyone looking for a bus, contact them.
papparazzi   [dets 20, 2014 kell 01:03 AM]

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